storytelling project


This innovative project aims to bring together twelve 18-23 year olds would- be story tellers drawn from adherents of four major faiths and cultures: Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus; and from those who have no faith background.

They would be trained and accredited as story tellers and would be required both to create and research stories that demonstrate compassion from their faith community and secular perspectives.

A collation of these stories including some tips on reading and storytelling will be published in book form illustrated with children's work. The trained story tellers will be expected to become advocates of the compassionate story telling approach as well as disseminators of the stories in a range of contexts.


  • The publication of a Treasure Trove of compassionate stories for those aged 8 and above
  • An on-line downloadable PDF version of the treasure trove which will be available under creative commons license
  • 12 trained story tellers who will be committed to a cross cultural, interfaith, compassionate approach and who will be available to visit schools, colleges, libraries, parent groups and other institutions
  • 12 trained story tellers who will be expected to become advocates for the approach and to in turn train others in the art of story telling Performance in two CoED events in 2015
  • A developing network of story tellers who will be committed to building compassionate cross cultural and interfaith links to use the medium as way of breaking down myths and stereotypes about people of different faiths


  • A greater mutual understanding between the adherents of the four faith groups and those of no faith which will be transmitted to a range of audiences through story telling performances and workshops
  • An on-going commitment to building compassion and cohesion through the power of story telling
  • A realisation that the power of storytelling can help to address areas of conflict in the world and can become an effective healing word
  • A significant rise in the profile of storytelling and building a more compassionate society in the hearts and minds of young people who, hopefully, will be inspired by the many stories they experience.