• Charter for Compassion's discrete education arm
  • Creating Compassionate Cultures, Pam Cayton's on-line materials: Email Pam Cayton
  • Forgiveness project explores rather than propagates forgiveness, reflecting the stories of real people:
  • Teaching for a better world, resources for teaching young people about sustainability, climate change, global issues and the ideologies that underpin action on climate change.
  • Greater Good's discrete education arm is found at:
  • Heroic Imagination Project is a research-based organization which provides knowledge, tools, strategies, and exercises to individuals and groups to help them to overcome the social and psychological forces which can keep them from taking effective action at crucial moments in their lives:
  • Mind with Heart is an international charity dedicated to equipping young people with the skills needed for developing character and for building a more sustainable society.
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is used the world over in schools, prisons, peace processes, organisations, with couples, in families, between friends with an aim to create interactions where the needs of every human being are heard and valued:
  • Oxfam  Global Citizenship for Teachers offer a huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing global learning in the classroom and the whole school. All of the resources here support Education for Global Citizenship – education that helps pupils understand their world and make a positive difference in it:
  • Peace Mala, project for world peace is a Welsh based charity which focuses on the Golden Rule. It offers courses, consultancies, resources and accreditation:
  • Random Acts of Kindness is a worldwide movement with its own foundation a RAK week and a series of accompanying lesson plans:
  • Roots of Empathy Programmes can be found at
  • The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom provides programmes and resources that promote mindfulness and self-awareness and emotional intelligence and resilience:
  • Global Oneness Project have been producing and curating multicultural stories since 2006. Each month, they release a new story and an accompanying lesson plan aligned to National and Common Core Standard: